Friday, 1 June 2012

Boat Party!

It was the perfect night
for an elegant party
on the River Thames.

The boat was festooned
with patriotic bunting
as we set off from Richmond

gliding past a gilded barge
ready for the Jubilee flotilla.

The river was calm
and the sun was setting
and all was peaceful...

but on board it was

!!Party Time!!

DJ Tingle was mixing it
and we had to get down
to some serious dancing...

Move aside students...
let's have a tutorial
on throwing shapes:

Don't ask about my dancing


  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    Itsounds like you had fun!!

  2. Alice, you have such a glamorous life. Hope you had a wonderful time.

  3. The river looks beautiful and the dancing must have been fun :-)

  4. Do not tell me otherwise:

    You live
    fairy tale.

  5. DJ Tingle was what now? Who the hell are you?

  6. In the 60s I used to go on things like that but they were far from elegant, having more of the Trad Jazz feel about them.
    If you felt bad about your dancing, it is just as well that the pictures are blurred...

  7. Aaaaargh!!!! You didn't dance in front of your students, did you? Have you any idea of how many times you are going to appear on YouTube now?

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  9. Liz in Missouri (USA)June 04, 2012

    Monday Morning in the USA after watching all the boats and ships this weekend on the television! WOW! I love that my name is Elizabeth and I was born in the year of the coronation. Of course I know better - but still, it feels as though England has only ever had ONE Monarch. She's such an amazing person.


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