Tuesday, 19 June 2012

from where I sit

I can smell the honeysuckle
and the heavy musk scent
of the white Boule du Neige

and I can see the Love in the Mist
which is so pretty
but always seeds in the wrong place

and the Dr van Fleet rambler
which flowers for midsummer day
and looks ravishing in this
brief patch of afternoon sunshine

and the shell pink geranium
which I bought at Kew to remember
a happy day with friends
but haven't planted out yet

I'd love to tell you
about the day at Kew
but I can't sit here a moment longer
because MasterM is on the plane home
and we are meeting him tomorrow
and I haven't even made his bed...


  1. How exciting to have MasterM on his way home! (And there's nothing like a bed made up by mom.)

  2. happy remembering. and welcome home Master M!

  3. AnonymousJune 19, 2012

    Enjoy your reunion! Lovely flower photos.

  4. Welcome home to MasterM!

  5. Love in the form of flowers. Welcome back home MasterM.

  6. I Truly love reading your blog! It always brightens my day....enjoy the homecoming...what a lucky young man to have a mother like you.

  7. Hope he arrives safely. Our garden is being dug up for new fencing at the moment so I shall have the perfect excuse to buy new plants - love all those pale colours.

  8. ah, yes. Happiness, backward and forward!

  9. I predict much airport happiness! Enjoy it, Alice.

  10. Wonderful flowers. I hope Master M appreciates the efforts you go to to welcome him home.

  11. You have beautiful flowers, the white Rose is spectacular. Is Sue the only one to write up the day at Kew so far?

    Good to know that MasterM is coming back to see you.

  12. I know too well of the anticipation (and excitement) that precedes the return of "one's son" ... Of course I only have a son so my experience will mimic yours in all of it's "masculine" similarities... the bear hug... the increase in growth... the smile that still melts a heart :-) Enjoy!

  13. You must be having fun with Master M. I am back too. I have enjoyed my saturday afternoon in the alternating torrents of rain and sunshine and I haven't even walked the dog.
    Thank you.

  14. Alllliiccccce where arrrrrrrre youuuu??I have a new grandson and lost power for 5 days and you are still gone.... (you didn't know I can be a whiner, did you?? XO)


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