Friday, 15 June 2012

Race for Life

"I told you there'd be pink boppers"

don't look at me like that...

it's Dr HG's gig

and if she says boppers...

that's what we are doing.

Not sure about the leg warmers

they might clash with my nails.

The wings are a given...

all the top runners use them...

the science of aerodynamics, y'know.

Team Geoggers


  1. the joy of pink boppers can only be surpassed by a pic of the full ensemble please!

  2. If the Americans can dress Sas golf balls at the Olympics then one would expect nothing less than wings from competitive Geoggers.

  3. Aaak. Typing on stupid tablet keyboard prevents easy sighting or fixing of poor spelling.

  4. I'm with Jo, we need the whole picture...

    Good Luck! (Will there be something 'pink' to drink afterwards too?)

  5. Sheesh..... I'm too old for this modern world, I just know it.....

  6. Good luck! I see that you have exceeded your expected total already.


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