Friday, 4 April 2014

A Riot in St. James's Park

The flower beds in St. James's Park
are eye-wateringly bright at the moment,
a flamboyance of tulips, hyacinths and primula.

I love the drama of it,
the shock of primary colours
against the soft green foliage
and the grey of Horse Guards.

I had a strange experience yesterday.
I was walking along Piccadilly in my lunch hour
and I thought "What on earth am I doing here?"

It was like waking up from a dream landscape
and discovering that you were actually there,
a 'pinch me so I know it's real' moment.

But this is how my life has turned out.
I can have lunch on Pall Mall
or browse in Hatchards on Piccadilly.
I can sit in St. James's Park if I want
or pop in to the National Gallery.

I am not sure why I feel compelled to write this.
Perhaps gratitude for this new part of my life
or perhaps encouragement to anyone
who is contemplating change.

I am having lunch with the Lovely Jenny today
and I can't wait to hear all the news.
I shall tell her about my trip to Rome
and we shall share plans for the summer.

Because that is the other thing I have learned.
You don't leave your friends behind
when you move to a new world.


  1. v Kaiser Chiefs ...

  2. I know that feeling. Walked on the Malvernhills ttoday with grand-daughter who was trudging along in red wellies and just tall enough to hold one finger of my hand. I really started to feel that we were moving forward again at last.

  3. What a lovely riot!! I hope that you have a nice time with your friend. xx

  4. Colours, beauty and savvy words. Always.

  5. Weeks ahead of us here in Scotland - joys to come....

  6. Here's to great summer plans, more beautiful flowers and being #ladieswholunch, Jen x

  7. Not exactly my favourite way of planting but I have to admit the flower displays look stunning and suit their surroundings. And it is nice to know you appreciate your good fortune.

  8. How wonderful to get to walk in such beautiful places. It will be even more beautiful come summer.

  9. good friends will always move with you, just as long as you don't have snail slime on your face x

  10. Hello Alice

    I stumbled upon your blog, through a mutual friend and love what I see. You are situated in a wonderful place and my favourite book store is Hatchards.
    I am your new follower
    Have a great week

  11. i know i should say something about the heart of your writing in this post but i'm stil agog at those colors! WOW. EyePopping!! Thank you for sharing. and taking me-us along


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