Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Not an April Fool

Promicroceras pyritosum

MissM opens the parcel from Korea
sent by her sweet pen friend.

MissM is very excited. What can it be?

Look. It is a pot.
With a picture of a snail.
A happy snail!
Apparently it is face cream.
Made with snail slime.
It is age defying!
Snail facials are all the rage in Japan.

MissM reads the instructions.

You pat it on.
Until it stops being sticky.
Shall we try it?

MrsM decides that she prefers wrinkles
to patting snail slime into her cheeks.
but bravely offers her hands
for full rejuvenation.

They do look very smooth.


  1. I'll take my chances with the wrinkles........

  2. No need for expensive snail creams I have plenty of snails in my garden - I could just lay down and let them slime all over me - now there's a thought - on second thoughts - maybe not.

  3. I'd read about it but you? You are the proud tester!

  4. My Korean chum had us all slathered in it the other week. Can't say I've seen miraculous results, but she swears by it and is very un-wrinkly. I'm looking at my garden friends in a whole new light...

  5. I've got plenty in my garden if you need to refill you jar... or do they have to be posh Korean snails?

  6. I'd really rather not , thanks .
    But it is a fascinating thought ... how do they "milk" enough slime from the snails to fill thousands of pots ?

  7. Yikes. I wonder if slugs have the same effect. Wonder how the slime is extracted...


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