Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Letter Home

Dear Mum and Dad,
Do you want to have a peek at my garden?

The cherry blossom is in full, riotous bloom
but you can't see the flowers because
the sky is lead white, exactly the same colour.

Can you see the spiraea?
I love the sprays of creamy white flowers
but it is is getting quite leggy
so I will need to cut it back soon.

We have been sitting in the summer house
and having tea on warm afternoons.
It is in the perfect place
for the last sunshine of the day.

I love this little window box
outside the kitchen door.
The tiny Christmas tree has new leaves
which look like feathery green baubles
and the yellow viola are so cheerful.

And look! My new clematis!
I have no idea when I should prune it
but there are so many buds
and the colour looks amazing
next to pots of blue scabious

The paeonies will be out soon
and then the roses. I can't wait!
I am so glad that I can send you photos
so that you can enjoy my garden with me.



  1. Hello Alice

    This garden is absolutely beautiful and I know what a lead while sky looks like and how if affects white flowers.
    The clematis is beautiful. I would leave it be.

    Continued joy in your tea room
    Helen x

  2. Please post pictures of your Paeonies, they are my absolute favourite flowers and I can't grow them here, not the right climate.
    I love your garden and all the flowers against the brightful green.

  3. How lovely your garden is. Spring flowering Clematis don't need pruning unless they get really woody. Just thought I'd say. I like the combination in your window box too - will you change it with the seasons?

  4. tea? summer house? where is my invite?

  5. I love white in a garden and the way that it shines in the light of dusk, like it has a light all of its own.
    Lovely garden Alice, thanks for sharing. x

  6. Oh your garden is beautiful, utterly beautiful. The bricks are lovely, and your summerhouse is gorgeous. You've made a fantastic job of it all.

  7. It's beautiful, Alice. A summer house! How wonderful.

  8. So beautiful, what a wonderful garden to look out onto. I really like your window box/planter, so pretty! xx

  9. Oh, why can't I have a garden like that?!


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