Monday, 28 April 2014

Lunch at Tokara

On our last day in South Africa
we drove from Franschhoek to the airport
and stopped for lunch at the Tokara vineyard.

deconstructed sushi

It was the last in a series of spectacular meals,
and we enjoyed every delicious mouthful.

[A strict regime is required
now we are back at home.]

grilled line fish with saffron foam

Tokara specialises in contemporary cuisine
and there is a strong Japanese influence:
sushi rice, fresh fish, oriental seasoning
and lightly steamed vegetables.

roast duck with sushi rice

We sat at the window, looking down the valley
talking about our wonderful holiday,
It was only eight days since we landed
but we had squeezed a lot into
the short time that we were there.

The most important event was Graduation Day
and if you look through the trees
you can see the university campus
where MasterM studied for the last four years.

chocolate pavé with orange ice cream

So many photographs to organise,
so many memories.


  1. Glad that you had such a good time and that it all went well. xx

  2. Four years?!

    Those pictures have made me hungry.
    Good thing there's some ham.

  3. Four years? How can it possibly be?

  4. Such delicious delights - a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

  5. We must see more! You have whetted my appetite.

  6. What wonderful memories you will have of this trip.

  7. What a luscious end to your break away. I hope we get to hear some snippets and see some more lovely photos.

  8. Oh how wonderful -- Congratulations, MasterM! Congratulations, Alice!

  9. It looks like it did not rain on your pink suede shoes.
    Those dishes look diving

  10. Oh, I must have blinked and missed you! So glad that you all had a good time.


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