Friday, 15 April 2011

Cake Love

Please note...

I am not claiming that
MasterM and MissM
were the cutest children
in the history of the world...

I am just putting the evidence out there
and letting you decide for yourself.


from my mother's photo collection


  1. :) well, they are pretty cute!! :) love the photo... i love how photos capture a sense of the era they were taken in... very cool...

  2. Yup. Cutest. No argument from me.

  3. Hmmmm, I think that it just might be true. I have some lovelies myself.
    They(meaning yours) are both beautiful and adorable and I would venture to guess that they fill your heart with pride and joy.

  4. okay, they are pretty cute. and I have seen some cute children in my day!

  5. Well, it depends. Did they pull one another's hair immediately after the cake?

  6. Love the fact that our relationship with our own mother's triggers a search for memory of things past. Your children are delightful!

  7. So gorgeous, officially cutie pies. I bet your Mother has a photo just like that of you. I think cuteness probably runs in the family.

  8. Absolutely,except for the cutest in my life. :^)

  9. Who could argue?! Very adorable. I'm sure they take after their mother.

  10. Definitely the Second and Third Cutest......


    Mother of the Lovely Son (First Cutest)

  11. What darling looks of anticipation! Yes, those are cute children.

  12. I love your blog. Every time I come here, you have me laughing. Witty gal you are. And the children, it's hard to compete with the photo, they are cutie pies.


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