Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cameras are not permitted

On Thursday evening
we were drinking champagne
in the imposing library
of the Reform Club.

I thought you might like to see
where Phileas Fogg set off
on his journey around the world.

I got my camera out
and was immediately surrounded
by uniformed staff waving their hands
in a distressed way.

Cameras and other new-fangled technology
are not permitted in the Reform Club.

I made apologetic sounds
and MrM said
"I can't take her anywhere!"

And then we laughed
and set off down Pall Mall
to admire the sparkle of a London night.


  1. scot - in lower caseApril 18, 2011

    i've never seen pictures of the london eye at night. it's quite pretty.
    thanks fot that.

  2. Really, MrM! You couldn't stand up for her?! For shame...

    (And the word verification is "reahly" - Really!)

  3. MrsM will be going with a covert Leica next time or a webcam attached to her bonnet

  4. Webcam on her bonnet - that I would like a picture of.


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