Saturday, 23 April 2011

Homity Pie

We always have fish pie on Good Friday
but the tradition had become a chore
and so I looked for an alternative recipe.

MissM and I had Homity Pie at Lydford Gorge
in the excellent National Trust cafe.
It was a sunny day and we were grateful to sit down
after taking the long route around the gorge.

It is an old-fashioned savoury pie
based on potatoes, onions, leeks and cheese
and of the many variants that I have found
this recipe from Gourmet Britain is the one that I used.
It includes apple and is well flavoured with thyme.
I made a dressed salad using watercress
and the piquant flavour complemented the creamy pie.

I wish you all a peaceful Easter weekend.


  1. What lovely places. Oh, the photos are beautiful. And the recipe, yum.
    I wish you a lovely Easter.
    Isn't is a blessing to see the earth blossoming?

  2. I've just had fish pie on the plane - at the suggestion of the attendant!
    And I was thinking of you.

  3. That pie looks and sounds delicious. Enjoy and Happy Easter to You.

  4. Must try the recipe. Gorgeous place to visit and the photos do it justice. Have a lovely Easter.

  5. What a delicious looking pie. I have eaten it at an NT property but not tried cooking it. Perhaps I will now - thanks for the link to the recipe.

  6. Our local NT serves Fidget Pie. I have never had the courage to order it.

    Happy Easter - we finally made our nests!

  7. Looks delicious and sounds better than fish pie. To me.

  8. But you're famous for your fish pie!! The homity pie looks pretty yummy too though. Happy Easter Weekend!

    K x

  9. The pie looks absolutely delicious - I am going to email the recipe to the Head Chef!

    Pomona x

  10. That sounds like an excellent alternative to fish pie. We had salmon, new potatoes and salad. Happy Easter to you all.

  11. Thank you for showing those photos - I love that place. When our oldest was three she managed to walk the entire circular walk because she wanted to see that waterfall.

    this looks scrumptious.
    Have clicked on the link and will be making very soon.
    Thank you...and Happy Easter!

  13. mmmm. sounds like good pie day to me xxx


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