Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Easter Nests

MissM has been shopping:

Shredded Wheat
chocolate eggs,
secret ingredient

It is that time of year again
and she has been cooking
her signature recipe.

MrsM sighs with delight
when she sees how beautifully
the pastel blue and yellow cake cases
show off the treasured anniversary plate.

MissM notes that the recipe
is much healthier
than she had realised...

"it has Whole Grain Wheat...
so each cake is a useful contribution
to my balanced diet..."


  1. Chocolate is now a health food, too...but i'm sure you both know that.

    i am also admiring the embroidered table cloth.

  2. I love this because it takes me back, way back. When I was a wee girl, trust me that this was eons ago, I adored my shredded wheat. It did not have chocolate on it, but it was really and truly an island unto itself. Imagine the milk that was the crashing ocean, the sugar a small, but devastating snow storm. Never mind that as a girl in Hawaii I had never seen snow. My small silver spoon eroded the shores, leveled the hills, and destroyed the delectable plains and swamps. I was a powerful presence, a frightening menace with a smile and a milk mustache.
    It was wonderful.

  3. Beautiful, delicious AND healthy.

  4. I suppose there is no chance of revealing that secret ingreident?

    @ellen - wow! I only ever manage to eat breakfast. From here on out I too shall become the 'God of The Cereal Bowl!!!!'

  5. MissM is a marvel ...

  6. I'm intrigued by the secret ingredient. What else does a chocolate nest need?

  7. My mother has that same plate - it is very familiar. And now that I write that, I seem to remember you showing it previously and me commenting on it.

    I think.

  8. Shredded Wheat.... my secret ingredient would be a childhood memory. The first time I ever saw it was when we were en route back to the UK after time spent in Germany, and staying overnight in a Forces 'Union Jack' hotel before sailing. It sat in my bowl in the most alien way, and I didn't have a clue how to eat it.

  9. And now I am kicking myself that in my planning for Easter activities, I have not factored in chocolate nest making. Doh!

  10. MrsM is my dame aux azaleas

  11. especially when paired with chocolate, one of the major food groups!


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