Monday, 18 April 2011

Staff Briefing

The young Scottish Academic brings MrsM
the expense claim from his trip to New York.

MrsM makes him sit down.

"Here's the deal...
I help you organise flights
and arrange insurance
and when you come back
I make sure that your expense claim
is processed as quickly as possible..."

The Young Scottish Academic looks anxious

"And you tell me about your trip
so that I can escape from this office
just for a moment."

The Young Scottish Academic quickly grasps the concept

"We were studying the period of Prohibition
and so we worked in the library
where they have all the reports
of the Government undercover agents
who visited New York Speakeasy bars.
(Imagine all those handwritten noteboooks
smelling of cigarette smoke and whisky...)
And then, to ensure total immersion,
we went to an authentic Speakeasy.
As you would expect, I drank Cuban Sours
and the Professor drank Sidecars."

MrsM smiles...
the Young Scottish Academic has potential...


  1. Delightful! Upon the arrival of the bride and groom last evening I announced we have two house cocktails this evening. The bride chose a Sidecar and the groom a Vesper. My next move is to look up a recipe for Cuban Sours! You are always a wealth of inspiration! xo

  2. Lime juice, rum and powdered sugar, sounds like a perfect summer drink to me!

  3. Young Scottish academic shows great promise in both his chosen subjects.

    Should go far.

  4. Can't help thinking that 'The Professor drank sidecars' would make an excellent title for an Agatha Christy type whodunnit set in the 1930s.

  5. It's a benign form of bribery, isn't it!

  6. would not have worked with undergrads of course with the general US drinking age of 21 - not sure if this works in practice

  7. Ah. That's why you had sidecars on the brain.


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