Friday, 29 April 2011

Where are we?

Westminster Abbey
with a Procession of the Knights of Bath
Canaletto (1697-1768)

MrM and MrsM
On the sofa, watching TV.
Drinking champagne.

With the Sassy MissS.
The Mall? Hyde Park? Trafalgar Square?
Drinking Pimms.

"In Stellenbosch.
Suited up and watching the TV.
Drinking wine out of tea cups."


  1. On the sofa too, watching TV and drinking rhubellinis! Loved the dress and the music.

  2. Sadly I was scrubbing down the B&B and weeding the guests' garden (sob) - trying to hoover quietly when in earshot of my own in-house princess who was eagerly lapping it all up. Jerusalem brought a tear to my eye - it makes me think of Chariots of Fire and all that end-of-term hymn book throwing at school - and my own wedding, too!

    Pomona x

  3. on the sofa drinking pimms x

  4. beautiful. just beautiful.

    (oh to be that skinny again...)

  5. We are very grateful for the dvr in our household so that we didn't have to get up at 4am. Being teetotalers it was elderflower cordial with sparkling water.
    Love those boys of Diana's and the Middletons.

  6. You would have thought that they would have checked out the wedding ring in the rehearsal ...

  7. On the bike, at the gym, watching the moments that drew the loudest applause. Drinking Poland Spring water. My bride spent last night at her mother in laws house having a pj party and getting up at 5am to see it all live. I am slightly jealous of that but console myself that I watched Diana become a wife while nursing my second born also at 5am. The bride did send me a u tube video of the majestic horses practicing for today's wedding. I told her, who is riding in an event herself on Sunday, be thankful you do not have to play the tuba while riding. Lovely, all truly lovely and I envy you all having this beauty as part of your heritage!

  8. I love this! And you remind me of how I must track down some Pimms ...

  9. We were all on glued to the TV eating cakes and drinking tea. The champagne and poached salmon came later ... and our version of William's chocolate biscuit cake, of course!

  10. I went to my SIL's and watched on TV whilst envying my parents who live in Pimlico for the summers. They had a chance for a prime view but my mum said it was too cold and stayed to watch it on the TV!! aaaaaggghhh!

  11. On the sofa, 4:30 a.m. Central Daylight Time (Midwest USA), drinking tea, and being thankful that my still-restless husband was able to stay upstairs and slumber through it so I could watch and savor it undisturbed.

    I loved all of it. (I got up early to watch Diana's wedding, too.)


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