Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Postcards for MrsM

At the end of the holidays
the postcards start to trickle in...

Greetings from Vancouver!
I've been working in the archives
of the UBC Museum of Anthropology
which is a splendid thing to do
as well as visiting museums and archives
in Victoria and Vancouver Island.
The Professor who shall be Nameless

Hi from Kenya!
I am working hard doing my field work
and looking forward to a chance
to relax by the coast.
The Vivacious Postgraduate

Hello from Seattle!
We all saw this postcard
and thought of the Young Academic
and the Tie of Shame moment...
Having a great time at the conference!
(among others...)
The Professor,
the Best dressed Postdoc,
the Young Scottish Academic


  1. I see you have many admirers, and I'm not surprised.

  2. It is so nice to be remembered especially when you are not on the holiday yourself :-)


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