Thursday, 17 February 2011

a moment of madness

This post is dedicated to the young academic
who mused out loud that
the combination of ties worn
by the Head of Department,
Dean of Faculty
and Vice Principal
was the worst that he had ever seen.

The Head of Department
(who was wearing his favourite
Australian Aboriginal design)
blinked and politely carried on talking.

The young academic
(who reads this blog)
turned an enchanting shade of red
and tried to extricate himself
from this very deep hole.

MrsM suppressed hysterical laughter,
took a very, very deep breath
and went in with the lifebelt.


  1. You, my dear, are the captain of that ship.

  2. I wholeheartedly concur w the young academic regarding Aboriginal art patterned ties. One can only imagine how bad the others must have been to be classified with it.

    Wait! Hang on. It was a dot art tie, wasn't it? Not one of those uber-naff 1970s paintings of a 'noble savage'. Because that would make his observation even MORE valid.

  3. Poor lad, how time he will muse in silence like the rest of us ;-)

  4. Fun, if it wasn't you who failed to filter the thought before it reached the mouth....

    I worked with a man who really believed that wearing ties with a Disney cartoon character would endear him to everyone.

  5. Well, Alice, it's never easy but someone has to be willing to do the lifebelt thing. Speaking of ties, I have asked the wedding photographer to actually crop one in particular OUT of photos that just got too close to the vision in pink tulle. I consider that a lifebelt in action as well!

  6. Poor young man. In my experience, academic taste in ties can be somewhat excruciating !

  7. Dear Young Academic
    At least you didn't call him an Incompetent Buffoon.
    Kind Regards
    Foot in Mouth, Cheshire

  8. ha!

    (It's Jeeves! and Bertie!)

  9. I hope you managed to rescue him!

  10. And I can see you, bravely rescuing.

  11. Oh, the post-it!

  12. A Young AcademicFebruary 21, 2011

    I would like to thank you all for your kind words of support and consolation. I am slowly recovering from the excruciating embarrassment of last week. MrsM was, as loyal 'Morn-ers' would anticipate, a most gracious and eager rescuer, and I was thankful for her recent First Aid training when she immediately set about CPR.... [Career Path Resuscitation]

  13. !!

    Your blog is the most fun anywhere.


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