Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Water Play

hot soapy water

shiny blue china

bright red saucepan

music turned up a bit too loud

MrsM wonders guiltily
if she should be having so much fun
at her age


  1. Oh, never feel guilt at that! You should be having *way* more fun at your age!

  2. With pretty china, red saucepans, good music and loads of bubbles a girl can't have too much fun!

  3. I think you should be having lots more fun at your age!

  4. The simple pleasures of life are not to be overlooked. Plus, little moments of perfection in a life is what you convey so well.

    Bring back Fairy Liquid in it's original scent (For ever!) It takes me back to early childhood with a whiff.

  5. Very nice, in its way. Although if I didn't consider your life pretty interesting already, I might wonder if you needed to get out more.....

  6. ... could you just clarify - were you singing along too ???????

  7. Oh come on ... why the guilt? Sing, dance, jump ... life is here, now.

  8. As long as the water is hot and I am not the one doing the drying, I rather enjoy a bit of washing up!

  9. Yes

    I am less than 30 seconds in and I love them. They are a definite band for keeps.

    Thank you :D

  10. by 3 minutes I'd ordered the album. They are actually ace.

    I've missed blogging....


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