Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Conspiracy of Silence

Here is the littlest boy cousin
sitting placidly on my brother's knee.
He has grown so much since we saw him at Christmas
and is sitting up, watching the world around him.
He has inherited his mother's sweet nature.

Here is his big brother.
He is nearly two and is a blur of activity.
The world is full of exciting opportunities
and he is not going to miss any of them
by sitting down for a minute.

MasterM was exactly like this at two.

I consider telling my brother
and my adorable sister-in-law
about the rollercoaster ride ahead of them
but, just like discussing labour
with a first time mother,
I don't think they will believe me.

I think it is probably safer
if I let them discover for themselves.


  1. - and fun to watch unfold as well.

  2. And there's nothing they'll be able to do about it anyway.

  3. Must be my age. I love watching small children play.

  4. Such things are to be lived, there's nothign anyone could say to give a clue and each one of us has its own perspective and angles.
    It's a rollercoaster but such a FUN one.

  5. Oh help. I keep thinking the rollercoaster is going to slow up any second but it seems to get faster and the dips are bigger. Will this go on forever?!

  6. Oh how lovely that they have it all ahead though, and how lovely that you get to watch.

  7. Oh my! Two year old boys. Yes enough said.
    Jo x

  8. They know you know. They know you're keeping your gob tight shut.

  9. A lovely age, two - if you have the stamina to keep up!

  10. When I was knee-deep in broken nights and stinky nappies my oldest cousin said to me "Small people, small problems." Very secretly I scoffed, thinking there was going to be nothing worse than pukey babies at 3'o'clock in the morning.

    Probably best you maintain a dignified silence. Discretion/valour and all that.

  11. They would never believe you anyway. Wow, they are incredibly sweet. I think I need a puppy.

  12. You're so wise to refrain from commenting but that doesn't need to stop you from thinking and enjoying!


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