Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Rouge Allure

MissM rushes in.

"I can't stop.
I have to find a fifties glamour outfit
for a play launch party
and I need to leave in ten minutes."

MrM and MrsM watch her run in and out

"Where is that fur stole?"
"Oh! which heels shall I wear?"
"I must just put on some lipstick..."

and then with a swing of her
vintage red handbag
she is gone.


  1. I am both intrigued by and envious of MissM.

  2. " But you could tell at a glance she had a way with her. Scepters have been tossed aside for that"

    Dorothy Parker.

    Harry is available -perhaps you had better contact the palace!

  3. The red bag ... then it is a true trend in London. Remember how many we saw in our brief, gorgeous meeting?

  4. Oh the glamour. Pyjama bottoms don't seem so good all of a sudden.

  5. A fur stole........ sigh...........

  6. Doesn't she have the most lovely life? I don't remember my youth being like that at all......

  7. Knowing how beautiful she is, I bet she looked amazing!


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