Tuesday, 15 February 2011

... bunting colours ...

L.S. Lowry
The Football Match

Between plunging valleys, on a bareback of hill
Men in bunting colours
Bounced, and their blown ball bounced.

The blown ball jumped, and the merry - coloured men
Spouted like water to head it.
The ball blew away downwind -

The rubbery men bounced after it.
The ball jumped up and out and hung on the wind
Over a gulf of treetops.
Then they all shouted together, and the ball blew back.

Winds from fiery holes in heaven
Piled the hills darkening around them
To awe them. The glare light
Mixed its mad oils and threw glooms.
Then the rain lowered a steel press.

Hair plastered, they all just trod water
To puddle glitter. And their shouts bobbed up
Coming fine and thin, washed and happy

While the humped world sank foundering
And the valleys blued unthinkable
Under depth of Atlantic depression -

But the wingers leapt, they bicycled in air
And the goalie flew horizontal

And once again a golden holocaust
Lifted the cloud's edge, to watch them.

Football at Slack
Ted Hughes


sometimes an unexpected coincidence
brings a poem and an image together.

it is a private pleasure.

bear with me


  1. can we have a rugby poem next please MrsM :)

  2. "They bicycled in air"........ wonderful..........

  3. What a great combination - Lowry (strange as he was) and Ted. Good start to the day.

  4. And perfect for the weather today (where I am).

  5. What a glorious idea, melding poetry and art.

    What about Canaletto and Wordsworth's
    'Sonnet on Westminster Bridge'.

  6. 'Cycling in the air'?

    Is that what Rooney was doing on the weekend?

  7. It is also a pleasure for your public!


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