Monday, 14 February 2011

Policy Failure

MrM and MrsM agree...

that there has been too much gallivanting
and that they must implement
an emergency policy of 'Lockdown'
The emphasis will be on essential household chores:
cleaning the kitchen floor,
sorting the recycling.

MrM and MrsM agree...

that a trip to Oxford falls within
the broad terms of the 'Lockdown' policy
because of the cultural benefits.

MrM and MrsM agree...

that they will visit the Ashmolean
and look at the Greek vases
and then have a bowl of organic vegetable soup

MrM and MrsM agree...

that as they are walking past 'The Bear'
they will stop off for a quick pint.
And while they are there
they text their lovely friends,
Graham and Ursula,
and get invited to lunch.

MrM and MrsM agree...

that it would be rude to refuse
when there is a chance to admire
the Lovely Miss Maisie in her bright pink boots.

They have a wonderful afternoon
with much laughter
but on the way home

MrM and MrsM agree...

that the emergency 'Lockdown' policy
may need to be reviewed..


  1. Must you always have such picturesque days?
    I'd like a post on the laundry pile.

  2. Ha!

    You kooky kids. Better luck next time. Or not...

  3. In my rulebook, friends always trump floor cleaning.

  4. And now I feel tearfully nostalgic for the many evenings of my youth spent in The Bear.

    I simply have to tell Mr DC that we are diverting to Oxford on our way to Devon in the summer. It has to be done.

  5. Husband was at Oriel but spent less time there than he did in The Bear.

    Lost Youth!


  6. Lockdown shouldn't be taken too seriously. In fact, it's an idea best contemplated at a distance.....

  7. I agree with Rachel, it would be reckless to pursue lockdown too vigorously. Think of the potential for muscle strain and repetitive stress injuries. Your Sunday sounds perfect.

  8. There are tham as can follow rules ... I'm just saying is all.

  9. A pint and unexpected lunch always trump chores.

  10. I quite like your version of lockdown policy.... very much indeed.

  11. I'm stumped for a pithy comment on this post . It just looks like a much better day than contmplating the kitchen floor, and makes me more determined to spend some time in Oxford. We have people with different names to text but otherwise I think I would enjoy following your itinerary.

  12. funny how that works.


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