Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Week That Was

On the first day...
MrM forgave MrsM for losing the adaptor
peeled her an orange
so that she didn't get her hands sticky.

On the second day...
MrM organised a full body wax for the car
without complaining about the cost.

On the third day...
MrM sent funds to MasterM
so that he could buy a bed, desk and chair,
washing machine,television and food
for his new house in Stellenbosch.
MasterM was exceedingly grateful.

On the fourth day...
MrM changed the light bulb in the kitchen
despite the fact
it had only been dead for a week
wrote an email in Italian
to the lovely blogless Paola from Positano.

On the fifth day...
MrM collaborated with MissM
to write the email which landed her
a prestigious work experience role.
MissM was exceedingly grateful.

On the sixth day...
MrM started an exciting new job
which will keep him out of mischief.
for the forseeable future.

On the seventh day...
MrsM was overcome with pride and gratitude
for her hard-working husband
and decided to make him a coffee cake.
Unfortunately, she fell asleep on the sofa
because she had been working long hours
preparing exam papers.
MrsM needs to try harder.


  1. Is this photograph of something you have made at one time? It looks delicious. My mouth is watering!

  2. MrsM needs to try harder?!

    I can't even REMEMBER last week.

  3. Something tells me you married a keeper.


  4. If that cake is half as delicious as it looks - I think you've tried hard enough! My god that looks good. Truely mouth-watering. I'll be thinking of that next time I decide to drown my sorrows in chocolate!

  5. I rather like a week to view diary. I might get the light bulb in the hall changed if I adopted this format.

  6. Ah, but I'm sure the marvellous MrM forgave MrsM and tucked a blanket around her.

  7. My son's bedroom is nearly in darkness, so many of his ceiling lights need changing. I will follow your excellent tip for coffee cake and see if it works.

  8. I don't suppose you would consider renting him out?......... No, didn't think so...........

  9. I'm afraid you stopped me on the full body wax... I couldn't quite believe Mr M would go that far and then I realised it was for the car.

  10. I am worn out reading about your week, no wonder you fell asleep on the sofa. M&S do a very nice coffee cake apparently xxx

  11. Gosh, so much in one week, well done that man. Sympathise about the exam papers, they're killers to deal with.

  12. I love the black & white fabric and dish pattern on your side bar. Do you have makers, titles etc... learning to paint and would love to use these as reference/inspiration. merci ! & cheers from snowy Nova Scotia

    visiting via Slow Lane Life

  13. You had me at "peeled her an orange so that she didn't get her hands sticky."

    This is true love indeed.

  14. MrM and MrsM seem to be highly compatible, and the childrenM exceedingly fortunate......

  15. I'm sure that if Mr M can manage all that in one week he won't mind one bit if his weary wife falls asleep on the sofa. He knows he'll get his coffee cake eventually.
    Nice to hear from you again.
    Jo x

  16. I am not sure if I am supposed to be Tantalus or Sisyphus.

    May have to shame MrsM with a shop bought coffee cake ...

  17. OH that cake is to DIE for!
    Sorry, after seeign that even all the wonderful things MrM did went BLANK (sorry MrM!).

  18. I should think it is quite exhausting being married to such greatness and let us not underestimate the importance of coffee cake, Mrs M clearly needs to meditate upon the process of baking such an important cake, hence the need of a nap.

  19. Mr M is a precious gem but I feel sure that he would say the same about you.


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