Monday, 21 February 2011

Domestic Bliss

It is Saturday morning.

MrM looks up from the newspaper

"It says here that
women are returning to baking
to make them feel more feminine
and attractive to men."

MrsM rebukes him sternly

"That is NOT the language of empowerment."

[Thank you, Coffee Ms.]

MissM gets up from the table

"I haven't got time to listen
to this male chauvinst market research rubbish.
I have got to make some fairy cakes
for the Charming MasterN
before I catch the train to Cambridge."


  1. Baking has given me *hem* curves, and they say men like women with curves. But the PURPOSE of baking is not to attract the mens, it is to eat all the things. The curves and the mens are incedental to the eating.

  2. Maybe feminism has succeeded in allowing women to make choices. The baking is from the delight of baking and sharing rather than an obligation? I hope so anyway, or I burned my bra for nothing!

  3. Hmmm. Personally, I would have asked MrM to kindly show me the paper. Perhaps he was getting his own back, following the infamous bird-fat-nest-building incident...?

  4. Recently, I had to answer the question 'What makes you bake?'. I'm afraid the answer was an apolitical, afeminist 'Because I want to eat the stuff'.

    And because everyone complains if I don't, which I suppose makes me some form of domestic servant, but hey, at least I get good stuff to eat!

  5. I think Quinn has a good point...........

  6. I have to confess that I did make up the bit about women who bake coffee cakes being especially hot although it is true of course

  7. Miss M obvious bakes for love... so that makes it okay!

  8. I agree with Raych. The reason I bake is to eat all the things too.

  9. Sue you beat me to it! When I am done with the tottering pile of laundry I may bake a bun or two. It will earn me brownie points if I don't do the ironing.

  10. Hmmmm...I know baking gives me curves and that attracts my hubby but I am not doing it for the curves I think most of my baking these days is for the kids Bless them :-) Does that mean I am setting the wrong standard for my boys and they will only be attracted to women who bake?? ;-)

  11. They say the way to man's heart is through his stomach! I think taking the time to bake a gift is a wonderful way to show your feelings whoever it is for.
    Jo x

  12. Baking doesn't make me feel feminine and attractive - it usually makes me feel sticky.

  13. I am unclear where this will leave destructoBoy. He baked a lemon drizzle cake on Saturday afernoon. There are enough issues bubbling in the background already.

  14. Hooray for MissM.


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