Friday, 25 February 2011

The Sparkly Specklace

MrsM has expensive new glasses
which enable her to see the computer screen
but she has discovered that she has Bad Habits;
MrsM leaves her glasses in the print room,
she waves them in a damaging way
and even chews the ends thoughtfully.
These Habits must be stopped immediately
or MrsM will be told off by her optician.

MrsM had a brainwave...
she would beg her crafty friend Dottycookie
to make her a Specklace of great beauty
so that she could not abandon, chew or wave
the glasses that she had spent so long choosing.
And Dottycookie said "Yes!!"
and helped MrsM select the beads
and advised on chains and fixings
and then, one day, a parcel arrived.

MrsM ripped open the parcel
with great excitement
and tried on her sparkly specklace
and it was Perfect.

MrsM went into the Department office
to show the Lovely Ladies who work there
and they were very kind
[but secretly they were relieved
that they would not have to collect
MrsM's glasses from the print room any more.]

And then MrsM went home and showed MrM
and he said
you look like a librarian"

[which in a bookish family
is the best compliment of all.]

Thank you, Dottycookie, I LOVE IT!!


  1. - and lovely glasses too!

  2. It is rather lovely when husbands know how to compliment effectively.

    Very luvverly specklace.

  3. It was a great pleasure to make something that I knew you would like. Your glasses look very happy too - how lovely to see them united!

  4. Oh I love the glasses and the specklace! And now I can add a new word to my vocabulary.

    K x

  5. New word for me too -specklace, specklace. I like it.

    I can't actually see without my specs so I've never had the problem of leaving them lying around. My husband does though, maybe he needs a specklace.

  6. Gorgeous specklace to go with gorgeous glasses MrsM - I perpetually have mine around my neck too but on a very utilitarian 'cheap and cheerful, bought from Asda in a hurry' slightly stretchy nylon cord type of arrangement - my DD2 is a bit of a whizz with beads and chains etc - I may have to show her the picture of yours and see if she can rustle me up something in a quiltingbebbs kind of style - thanks for the inspiration

  7. and those look like some funky glasses ... these are on my list - I wear contacts - but need a little boost when I am at my computer so off to purchase some reading glasses this weekend. I am going for the librarian look.

  8. A word of warning from One Who Knows.....

    When said specs are not on your nose but hanging from lovely Specklace:

    Be careful when you put on your seatbelt (crushing injuries).

    Be careful when you cook/wash up/drink soup/clean your teeth (splashing/dunking injuries).

    And be extra careful when rummaging in the boiler cupboard that has that useful row of key hooks inside the door (self-strangling/specklace-snapping injuries).

    It's advisable to know someone who can re-string specklaces until you get used to them!

  9. I think I could use a specklace... I spent almost an hour this morning trying to find where I'd put down my glasses.

  10. This very part-time librarian is most approving!

  11. Now there's a new to me word I never knew I needed. I am hoping to drop it into conversation very soon.

  12. Lovely, Alice - at least you wont be the person looking for the specs you've pushed top your head!
    I never lose my specs as I'm blind without them, but husband had various minor accidents when he kept his on a string (including catching them on a door handle and nearly dropping them in a shredder). He's now gone onto varifocals, thank goodness.

  13. And librarians are sexy too!
    I really like those specs which are even enhanced by the lovely beadlace.

  14. Very swish!

  15. now we just need to see you modelling it!

  16. I want one! And I'm even a librarian! Sadly I have no occasion to use one as the only time I take my glasses off is to sleep, and one probably shouldn't sleep in a specklace. Pooh.

  17. Well, I haven't visited my Google 'reader' for a while, but you were at the top of the list. Somewhat like rediscovering a long lost friend, it's so good to read your posts and smile at each and every one. I really wanted to comment on the Mansard Roof post, but it seems that's not possible, so may I say here that your specklace is wonderful, and in answer to the question 'why aren't you writing?', you are writing, and it is reaching people - thanks, from someone who also isn't writing.


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