Thursday, 10 February 2011

the world comes to me

Mark Edwards
Man Watching Crows

The Professor sits down in my chair
with a grateful sigh.

"We were just about to land in Tromsø
when the snow started
and we were diverted to a tiny airport
in the middle of nowhere.
As we approached the runway
the snow was really heavy
and I don't know how the pilot landed the plane.
There was hardly enough room for us all
in the terminal building and no sign of buses.
Eventually, a bus came to take us to Tromsø
and we set off through the forests.
Of course, it was really beautiful...
all those pine trees covered in snow...
but all I could think was that
there were
no chains on the wheels,
the road was icy, the snow was still falling
and the bus was sliding on every corner.
My heart was in my mouth for the next five hours
and I have never been so glad to get home safely."


  1. Oh, that picture...

    it's an amazing thing, the positions we find ourselves in, isn't it? the things people tell us...

  2. I was admiring the wonderful photo then read the stomach lurched. Glad you got home safely.

  3. I love your stamp sized snatches of life.

  4. I've said it before but it bears repeating - academics are not paid enough. The danger!

  5. Oh, one feels for him, I hate driving in snow!

  6. Yes, as frightening as it may sound it all adds up to fantastic memories, things one can treasure for life.
    And THAT is priceless.

  7. Those spikey trees are so ominous, and yet the snow! It's the perfect illustration for your story.

  8. Beautiful illustration; scary story. I had a minibus journey in Northern India like that, without ice or snow, just crumbling roadside and ravines.....


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