Tuesday, 12 April 2011

a flounce of camellias

You must imagine the Spring flower show
on the sheltered lawns of Boconnoc House

I am walking as fast as possible
past the show tents full of daffodils:
“Carlton, Cheerfulness, Golden Ducat,
Ice Follies, Pheasant’s Eye, White Lion”

Past floral arrangements inspired by Constance Spry
“Your choice of lilac roses
has created a charming centrepiece
which evokes her work perfectly.
Well done!”

Away from a seething food marquee
where organic pork burgers are sizzling
next to high quality ice-creams
“Which flavour would you like…
blueberry cheesecake or millionaires’ shortbread?”

And on past countless chocolate Labradors,
the creaking trestle tables of the plant crèche
and eager St. John’s Ambulance volunteers
hoping for an emergency

Here I am in the granite and slate stable yard
where prize winners are clutching their cups
and being shocked into smiling for the camera
“everyone look this way NOW...

I am before the display of camellias,
single blooms arranged in rows,
the soft colours and elegance of form
emphasised by the plain black cloth.

And you must imagine it all
because I only have eight photos
before my camera battery dies
and you have just seen them...


  1. They have taken my breath!

  2. Thank you for sharing, MrsM! (Maybe an investment in a spare battery to keep charged and in your camera case wouldn't go amiss.) xxoo

  3. ThankYOuThankYOu...these are just gorgeous

  4. Lovely! I think my favourite is the bottom one.

  5. A timely reminder - charge the battery - off to do it.

  6. Oh! These are just perfect. They have made me sigh. Deeply.

  7. I wouldn't have got that far - I'd have stopped at the offer of blueberry cheesecake ice cream

  8. Absolutely stunning, Alice.

  9. exquisite.

  10. Who needs photos when your words paint such vivid pictures? I can imagine it perfectly.


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