Monday, 30 May 2011

Windswept Roses

MrsM is disturbed to realise
that she has been talking to her plants.
Not reassuring gentle murmurs
but bracing managment-speak.

"Well done, Blue Violas, you have performed well over the past two weeks and I am going to relocate you to a more prestigious position. Agapanthus, all of the other plants are growing faster than you - I am disappointed with your attitude - you are going to be down graded. Blue Thrift, I am impressed by the way that you have overcome a difficult start and worked hard to achieve your potential. OK Geranium, what's with the colour? - you claimed to be salmon pink but you are carmine - this has had a negative effect on the team dynamic. Pink Dianthus, you have made a significant contribution but I am afraid that you are going to be retired now. Cream Fuschia, how can I enable you to maximise your effort over the next three weeks?"

MrsM decides that she needs
to learn to disengage.
Work is work
and home is home.
And if you get the two confused
you will hear the neighbours laughing at you.


  1. beautiful flowers. i always enjoy your humour.

  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    Alice, that blush rose against the white and blue china?
    Please don't stop talking to your flowers.

  3. Do you hear the plants talking back to you? Because if you do, then you have problems..........

  4. My plants do not understand words of more than two syllables, so my comments are limited.

  5. LOL, as I might say if I were 40 years younger.... Why do I just know that you'd have been the little girl in the nursery Wendy house giving the dolls and teddies an unsettlingly-accurate imitation of your parents at their most peevish?

  6. I think I need to give my plants a brisk talking to if the results will look like yours.

  7. Mine don't listen they're quite out of control. I'll try a more disciplined approach...

  8. That has really made me smile. I like the thought of you talking sternly to the pink dianthus and the poor colour confused geranium.

  9. - though if you'd be good enough to come have a word with our Columbine...

  10. Do you do peripatetic management days? My garden needs a kick up backside...

  11. not many plants that would talk back to MrsM I think !

  12. AnonymousJune 04, 2011

    Fuchsia, named after a chap called Fuchs. Not fuschia....


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