Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bento #1

Feta & Butternut Squash salad

Here it is!
My first Salarywoman Bento box.
Who knew that aligning tomatoes
could be so much fun?

Rules of the Bento Box

It doesn't have to be homemade
because the objective is
to stop having panic attacks at lunch time,
not to start having them in the morning.
This is a Tesco prepacked salad
and very good it was.

It's got to be fun.
This is a practical plastic box
but I can indulge myself
with designer storage if I wish.
It's not going to break the bank.
Why not a collection of furoshiki cloth ?

You will see that I did not have room
for the tiny pot of salad dressing.
Beginners mistake, I am afraid.

Thanks to Sue for the link to Just Bento
and to MrM for the map mats.


  1. Honestly, I hate to be critical, because you know how I adore you, but, really? A salad from Tesco?

  2. Don't lsten to her, she's just jealous.

    It looks perfect from here ( here being my desk at lunchtime, at which i sit reading blogs and eating leftover spag bol).

  3. The Bento box has landed ! Life is just a box of cherries tomatoes

  4. LOL @ Bb ...maybe she prefers Waitrose ...
    Adorable Bento m'dear. Go on, have fun!

  5. You make me wish I needed to pack my lunch. Maybe I shouldn't let the stop me- bento at home?

  6. I have yet to get on board with the bento, but have been a fan on furoshiki for many years :)

  7. Hell hath no fury than a furoshiki scorned ...

  8. Still. I think I'd panic.

    And I agree with Blackbird. For shame.

  9. better a Tesco ready made salad than a morning panic! It all look great to me - enjoy.

  10. ? - what is the Bento equivalent of "a sandwich short of a picnic" ?

    just interested - not implying anything here at all - I plan to live a little longer ...

  11. No, MrsM is right. I could do this, I think. The idea is to have something to eat at lunch, not to spend all your waking hours preparing food. This is beginning to seem more reasonable. Hmm. (Sign me, Tired of Bagels.)

  12. I am liking Sue's bento at home plan. I couldn't possibly imagine a bought salad from Tesco's being an easy option, it's 30 miles away.........

  13. Excellent, MrsM! Can't wait for the character bento that is surely in your future.

  14. So all those years I was eating Bento and didn't know it. Carbs at lunchtimes induce the need for a nap in moi which was never a good thing when I had thirty babies waiting in the clinic, so I put in a request with my packed lunch maker (yes, he has passed that module with distinction) for salady things instead. I would open the box with great excitement each day and relish the concoctions and the treats and surprises. So one thing needs to change here.. Bookhound will happily pass on the how-to details to Mr M...


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