Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Miseries of London

MrsM's Father and MrsM's Mother
came to stay last weekend.

This is what they did in two days:

"First we visited the National Gallery and then we walked across to Westminster Abbey for the Candlemas Service. After that we went out for a meal in a nice little Turkish restuarant on the Cut. It was very hyper - so many people and so much noise! On the next day we went to the National Theatre to see if they had any tickets for the new Alan Bennett play. They did but they cost £47 each so we decided to go to the Elizabeth Taylor film at the British Film Institute later in the afternoon. After that we strolled across to Covent Garden and enjoyed the buskers and then we dropped into Gordons Wine Bar for a drink. We had lunch at the amazing food market on the South Bank and bought some delicious cheese and other goodies. Then it was time for the film which was terrific but unfortunately the cheese started to ripen so it was a little bit smelly."

MrsM hung her head in shame because she had not done any of those things recently even though they are all within reach. It is galling when your parents show you how to live the good life.

And so MrsM said to MrM:

"I'm going to be in Bedford Square on 19 February
Would you like to take me out for supper?"

And MrM made a note in his diary.


  1. I'm sure you've noticed how often I write about the cultural activities I take part in in my city.

  2. Do you know I have lived in Worcester for nearly 20 years and have never taken a stroll along the river. Not that walking along the Severn compares with the cosmopolitan delights of London.

  3. The last time I went to Pompei, I was 6.

  4. I can just see MrM making that note...

  5. It would appear he is a god amongst men. have a lovely time :-)

  6. Hmmm, they sound like Retired Persons to me. Always the busiest ones.....


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