Monday, 4 February 2013

Fruit Salad cake

Today, Mary, I am going to bake
a Fruit Salad cake.

That would be because
I made fruit salad for breakfast
and we didn't eat it all.

Please enjoy my use
of "classic" baking equipment.
Or as MasterM says...
"museum pieces" have guessed correctly...
lining cake tins is
my secret superpower.

I could have used
the magic of Photoshop
to protect you from
the post-Christmas state of my oven.
But I didn't.
We are all adults here.


Fruit Salad cake.

Packed with vitamins.

And slathered with cream.

(It wouldn't be edible otherwise).


  1. If they sold pre-cut circles of parchment they'd be wealthy.

  2. They do sell pre-cut circles of parchment. I have them in multiple sizes.

    Alice's are so much better though.

  3. yum. practically a gateau x

  4. Your china always gets my eye, all.the.time. I am mesmerized by it all.

  5. my son coverts my 36 year old cream mixing bowl but is not getting his sticky hands on it til I am too old to bake!! It has travelled with me since leaving home, made over 35 different moves, gone to different countries and is one of my most precious possessions.
    My son is training to be a pastry chef; he knows quality!!
    Cake looks tasty!

  6. Oh yummy! I love a healthy cake. Your oven by the way is spotless compared to the one here!

  7. Nice to see you back, Alice!


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