Monday, 18 February 2013

MasterM, big brother

MrM and MrsM put on their brave faces
because the dreaded day had arrived
to tidy the cupboard under the stairs
and they emptied it out
and took away much rubbish.

At the very back they found
a little plastic roundabout
which was the same
little plastic roundabout
that MasterM gave MissM
on the day that she was born.

And MrsM remembered MasterM
in his corduroy dungarees
sitting on the hospital bed
with the present for his new sister
looking rather overwhelmed
by the strangeness of it all.
And it was as though it was yesterday.


  1. And, of course, you kept it.

    You did, didn't you?

  2. I keep everything.


  3. who would've thought 20+ years down the line he'd be grinning away at the side of that South African cricket pitch - my how those years fly by

  4. I keep nothing but it doesn't matter because thanks to your words Alice I have been remembering an almost identical incident sixteen years ago. Today the giver of the gift has had his first driving lesson.

  5. First gave second a soft toy duck here, and second gave first some lego. First said "Thank you baby" and kissed her, and I think I might have shed a happy tear. Quarter of a century ago ... thank you for the memory Alice (gosh I feel old, typing that!).

  6. Eldest made Littlest a horrific and smeary mobile out of paper plates, brown paint and yellow coathangers.

    She is incensed that it wasn't kept.


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