Friday, 22 February 2013

MrsM gets real

MrsM stood in front of the Senate House
and looked around her.
Somehow, without  noticing,
she had travelled all the way
from the woman who did not know
how to turn on a computer
to someone who secretly wrote
an anonymous blog about her family
and arrived at this new person
who was going to talk to PhD students
about how to use social media.
She wasn't sure how she felt about this
but there wasn't time to think too much
so she walked on.


  1. Wow! That is a heartwarming tale indeed. Well done Mrs M.

  2. Wow Mrs M. I've been reading the blog for a long time and your prose is so lovely I havae no doubt you will find just the right thing to say to those students, and they will be suitably impressed. I hope you enjoy the talk in spite of your nerves.

  3. Golly Mrs M. I wish I were one of those students.

  4. Hope it went well - but I've no dount it would

  5. I'm sure you were brilliant. One of my university colleagues was always saying 'It's not just the students who learn here'

  6. What an amazing achievement Mrs M! I bet the students enjoyed your talk too.

  7. Oh, how brilliant! Wish I'd heard your talk too.

  8. Mercy.
    i'm sure they loved you.
    i was just momentarily caught with butterflies in my stomach on your behalf.

  9. Wow! very impressed - and they couldn't have had a better lecturer on this subject. Hope you enjoyed it and I bet the students did.

  10. Wow, that's amazing! And lucky PhD students - I bet you were great.

  11. I hope you told them about the important role that cake plays in the world of social media......


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