Sunday, 10 February 2013


I love our weekend lunches
of soup and good bread,
cheese and fresh fruit
when we have time to sit and chat.

Weekdays are quite a different story
and I had an unpleasant experience on Friday.
I went into one of the catering outlets for lunch,
looked at the limited choice of baguettes and ciabattas,
and felt overwhelmingly nauseous.

It was quite unexpected and I had to leave quickly.
I got my lunch off campus and as I ate it
I knew that I wouldn't be buying sandwiches again.
After seven years my body has rebelled.

I know that the solution is obvious:
to make my own lunches
but I'm fighting it.
I truly hate preparing packed lunches.

If you have any recommendations
for recipe books or websites
which will give me a kickstart
I would be very grateful.

watch out for my forthcoming post on Bento boxes...


  1. There are only three lunches I can pack:

    Fage yogurt and fruit and granola
    peanut butter and jelly
    ramen noodle soup packets.


  2. The secret is in the accessories. Get yourself a wide mouth thermos flask and then you can take all manner of leftovers for lunch. Or soup. But doing it every day is a pain. Can you find a packed lunch buddy and take enough for two, but only have to do it every other day?

  3. Have a look at Hongkiat blog - I'm sure you could come up with some lovely bento!, My DH uses Black and Blum's bento boxes and food flask - a bit expensive but a pleasure to use. He won't do sandwiches but takes leftovers and cheese and crackers, soup, couscous etc.

  4. I will start a Pinterest board on packed lunches just for you Alice. Meanwhile have a look at Just Bento which is full of do-able bento rather than the work of art type bento.

  5. Alice, I've just been catching up on your blog. What an absolute treat the last minutes have been.

    I am off to search for radish-carving tutorials for you....

  6. Here's something I never had to do: packed lunches. So my dear Alice, no help from me, I'm afraid. But fear you not as I know you'll find exactly what you need wiht the help of your web friends.

  7. I think embracing leftovers, and/or preparing your lunch at the same time as the evening meal is the only way. nothing worse than a mad rush in the morning and nothing more exciting than a banana to show for it.....

  8. I don't know what a bento is... am I very ignorant?
    As for your lunch conundrum, make extra soup at the weekend?

  9. Try or Heidi Swanson's Super Natural cookery books - wonderful pics and really different healthy recipes. I have given up on sandwiches and white bread - buy some Lock'n'locks and take a selection of interesting mixed salads. Every couple of days we make two or three - each will keep for a few days so you can mix and match, and don't have to make lunch every single day. And a little tub of home salted and roasted mixed almonds and cashews (add a little citric acid for a nice tang) - very nutritious and sustaining. Some homemade hummus and bits of red pepper, celery etc, or oatcakes for dipping is also nice - one batch will last all week.

    You will definitely feel much better for eschewing all that factory made white bread and boring fillings, and look forward to lunch instead!

    Pomona x

  10. I don't know what a "bento" is either, but perhaps we don't have them (it? he? she?) in Sweden?

    My personal solution for weekday lunches is vegetable soup; I make a batch every Sunday and it will last me til Thursday. A bit boring perhaps, but convenient.

  11. I shall whisper this - I have a secret passion for small Japanese cute food picks and baran and pretty lunches. I have books. I have boxes. I pretend I am doing it all for my children but really, it's for me. I am so ashamed. Not.

  12. I sympathize. I don't think there's a solution.

  13. I love to make soups and make them in large quantities - and I have a good thermos that keeps whatever I put in it hot until lunchtime. Besides, I'm too cheap - er, frugal to buy lunch.


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