Friday, 15 February 2013


And in the ninth month
MrsM did knit very fast
until at the eleventh hour
she finished the blanket
for the baby Geographer.

And MrsM did not have much time
to look and see how good it was
because she had to sew in the ends
and do that blocking thing.

And MrsM persuaded Teddy Edward
to come out of retirement
and pose attractively upon
the sea of luscious creamy cables.

And then MrsM folded it up
and wrapped it in pretty paper
and hoped it would keep
the baby Geographer warm.


  1. And the babe will sleep, dreaming of puffy clouds and drifts of soft snow.

  2. It looks lovely, totally cuddleable, just like Teddy Edward :) (Oh how I loved those books as a child! ) Nice knitting Mrs M :D

  3. It is luscious... and who does not love a handmade gift. My son still uses the blanket I used as a child.... we even call it "the cosy blanket" ... these are life's treasures indeed. xx

  4. An heirloom blanket for the baby Geographer. One lucky kid!

  5. it is very lovely. but I am worried that teddy Edward will be cold and a little sad that you have taken the blanket away.....

  6. It is beautiful, and so white! I dread to think what cream shade it would have emerged after being knitted in my house!

  7. MrsM, anyone who can count your their friend is a very lucky person. Indeed. People would normally waltz into a store and grab whatever (I've done that and am not ashamed to admit it) but not MrsM. That blanket is dreamy!

  8. Oh, lucky Baby Geographer.

    And poor Teddy, who must have got very excited.

  9. Oh, well done! I've knitted that blanket and it took ages. I'm sure it will be much appreciated.

  10. Perfectly contoured for a baby Geographer! I love it. Have you discovered Kate Davies designs, I am knitting the Rams and Yowes blanket, a blanket first for me but now that I see you have finished one I feel it can be done.


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