Sunday, 3 February 2013

Home Thoughts from Abroad

However often I go away,
no matter how exciting the location,
I still suffer from homesickness.

Not the lying-on-the-bed-sobbing variety
or the "Get me out of here" panic
but a sense of dislocation from the familiar.

It is the weight of the duvet that I miss,
the light that falls at certain times of the day,
the comfort of familiar food,
the bright pleasure of my china,
and the small routines of everyday life.

I take these thing for granted
so it is good to go away
and remind myself to be grateful.


  1. I agree completely, although I would kill now to get away from here! It's been too long I haven't gone anywhere and ... well ... you know ... you've got to miss something to really appreciate it. I am not savvy enough, I guess.

  2. I, too, am in agreement. I always long to go away but even before I get to my destination, I want my own bed.

  3. Everything I feel when I go away, expressed so very well :)

  4. And maybe a little MrM lonesomeness?


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