Friday, 7 February 2014

Scarf Love

I regret to report that MissM has led me astray
and made sure that I share her scarf addiction.

It started in the souks of Marrakesh
when she said she only wanted one scarf...

but that it would be much cheaper
if we bought would I share?

If only I had known...
one scarf and you are hooked.

And now it is far too late,
I am buying scarfage by the armful,

because one scarf is never enough.


  1. scarves are like cake. I can never say no either.

  2. Indeed, as the bottom drawer of my dressing table will testify.

  3. Strangely, I only have few.

  4. I so agree! The more scarves the better.

  5. No such thing as too many scarves. Enjoy!

  6. Scarves are definitely an addiction!! I have lots, and love wearing them all year round in different weights - thick and warm and snuggly right now! I hope that you enjoy your scarf collection! xx

  7. Scarfage - interesting word.

  8. Oh, the joys you have to come now that you have been hooked by this addiction. I have recently taken knitting and crochet up again after a break of many years and the joy of producing your own lovely scarf is beyond measure. Well done Miss M!

  9. Have you so recently been converted? You should see the amount of scarves at the top of my stairs - I could warm an army with them. I can't feel dressed unless wearing at least one. Think of your potential purchases and become all dreamy...

  10. worth it, though --


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