Friday, 16 July 2010


Here they are:

the Head of Department,
the Examinations Officer and the Admissions Tutor,
the enthusiastic academic and the expert on woolly mammoths,
the youngest academic and the tiny American academic,
the Professor who shall remain nameless,
the academic who is going to be 41 quite soon,
and a score of other colleagues in their academic finery.

The sun shone, the champagne flowed,
the cameras flashed to capture the memories
and the parents of the graduands smiled and smiled.

And now...
let the summer begin.


  1. I hope you get some time off!

  2. it looks very special x

  3. A toast to you and the beginning of your summer!

  4. Ah, bless - don't they scrub up well! Have a great summer, Alice.

  5. What a fantastic shot! Happy days x

  6. I gasped, I teared up and I searched to see "the familiar ones".

  7. Oh dear. Years ago when I hired my graduation outfit, the men in the shop were very critical of the people who threw their hats in the air.

    It breaks them. They had a sad, mangled one out on display AS A TERRIBLE WARNING TO US.

  8. I was looking for MrsM until I realised that she is the one behind the camera !

    Provided one catches one's square on the way down then no damage is done.

  9. AnonymousJuly 16, 2010

    I hope your summer days are warm and long.

  10. Great photo...can't pick you out.( or did you take the photo?)
    I hope everyone has their name in their mortarboards / hats. How do they get the correct one back?

    I hope you have an enjoyable, warm summer.


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