Thursday, 29 July 2010

MasterM, Celebrity Chef

Last night we had a cooking competition
for all the different dorms
...we cooked a Springbok Neck Potjie...
and I think we won!

MrsM is very proud of MasterM who has demonstrated a previously undiscovered talent for cooking. Regretfully, the restricted availability of springbok neck in the local supermarket will limit his opportunity to demonstrate his signature dish when he is at home so she hopes that he expands his repertoire.


  1. I warned you... he will be swapping recipes next!

  2. Lucky girl, the one who will catch him!

  3. Has he any squirrel recipes? I read yesterday that they've started selling squirrel meat in supermarkets. And that it tastes nutty!

  4. If he came my way he could try with a kangaroo fillet...

  5. The sign of a true chef is that she or he is able to take their signature recipe, and make it even when they are unable to find the key ingredients... let him know he needs to be thinking about that now!



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