Monday, 19 July 2010

On Friendship

Some time ago Lynn posted a picture of a paeony
just because she knew that I loved them.
I was immensely touched by this gesture.

This is my reciprocal picture:
Roses for Lynn
(without whom Blogland would be a very dull place).

I have had other reasons to be grateful to blog-friends recently:
emails which have made me laugh,
emails which have given me encouragement
and so many wonderful comments.

And a small parcel of badges from Lucille
Peter Pan and Wendy; Tinkerbell and MasterM's favourite:
'How About It, Wendy?'
MasterM was mystified
'Why would anyone go to so much trouble
when they don't even know me?'
I tried to explain that through blogging
I have met wonderful and generous people.

Thank you all for your friendship,


  1. thank you for yours


  2. Blogland is the better for your presence dear Alice.

  3. Difficult to explain to those who don't blog the strength of the friendships formed. Thank you for your friendship too.

  4. Like Gina, I find it hard to explain to those who don't blog, but the laughter and learning and intelligence that is out there is astounding and I love it. What an era we live in.......

    The friendships are wonderful. Thank you for yours.

  5. thank you for your friendship too xoxo

  6. I believe that careful blogging encourages a special sort of altruism and trust which is especially heartening when we see so much crass online behaviour (I'm thinking of certain Facebook groups) and suspect charlatans and fraudsters to be in the ascendency.

  7. You were the first to comment on my blog and have just been so encouraging and kind.

    Thank you for yours.

    Cat x

  8. AnonymousJuly 19, 2010

    It's a meeting of minds that was only made possible via the internet.

  9. Oh Master M, you have much to learn about the loveliness and friendliness of the the wider world. Follow thy mother's path young man, follow thy mother's path.

  10. I don't have a blog but my life has gotten SO MUCH BETTER since I entered Bb's blog, which led me to a whole array of wonderful women, some of which I met already in person and other whom I really look forward to do very soon.
    Thank YOU!

  11. Well if it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't even be here. So thank you. And thank you again.

  12. And thank you for yours,

    T x

  13. Back atcha, sistah. And thank you so much for the rose treat - what a wonderful thing to come home to!

    Also, what Coffee Lady said, You blog mentor you. xoxo

  14. I'm a bit behind this week as Tax time and blogging don't go hand in hand....

    Just wanted to say Thank you for yours also and your wonderful posts xx


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