Monday, 12 July 2010

MasterM, Mixologist

What is in a Mojito?

Wait one...
you have NEVER had a Mojito??

It is your father's fault...
he has never bought me one.

You must remember that
your mother was very, very young
when I first met her.

I am going to make you a Mojito immediately.
You are in a new phase of your life...
The Mojito Years.


  1. Cheers! My niece introduced me to Cosmopolitans a while ago, for which I am grateful. Ah, youth - lead on!

    (By the way, my word verifications lately have seemed just this side of actual words. Things like "craticat" and "nineses" and "sliken." Is the internet playing with me?

    Or possibly do I need a mojito??

  2. Thank heavens you have this quality time together.

  3. Enjoy your Mojito years... you'll never look back!
    p.s. I hope Master M got lots of kisses from Wendy!

  4. It's always a bit of a shock when you get to that certain stage in your life when you realise that you become the pupil and your child the teacher - tempus fugit

  5. Mojitos are fine but if he starts with offering Capiroskas - run!

  6. I have yet to have one too. What are they like? DO tell.

  7. Thank goodness we have children to provide us with an education!

  8. Oh I like it, "The Mojito Years", sounds like they have much to recommend them. Perhaps I could look back on my life in this way, "The Lager & Lime Years", "The Guiness Years", "The Cheap Cabernet Sauvignon Years", "The Slightly More Drinkable Wine Years", "The Pimms Years".

    Hmmm, "The Mojito Years" definitely sound the very best. I must embrace mine right away. (Well, maybe I'll wait until after the school run)

  9. In vino veritas - or at least an element of truth.

    We have recently reduced our choice of wine when dining out to bottles from Stellenbosch. Simplifies matters no end even if the sommelier looks askance at times.

  10. I was introduced to alcohol by ... my dad! Oh yes, he thought it best to teach me how to "hold the alcohol, so that no guy will be able to get you drunk!"
    It worked! I drink, no problem! So I'll be the one teaching my son.

    GOD this comment sounds horrible ...

  11. I've got mojitos on the brain, too, these days...

  12. And I can definitely recommend a Mojito flavoured ice-cream cone which I experienced recently when visiting a stately home in North Norfolk. Mmmm!

  13. Belated but highly relevant comment - yesterday was the day that MasterM was exactly the same age that MrM met MrsM except she was MissP at the time.

    And I did not know what a mojito was although it sounds like someone with a lisp talking about the cause of malaria.


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