Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the long view


We spent Sunday afternoon at Kew Gardens
visiting the former Museum of Economic Botany,
reopened as part of the Open London weekend.

A PhD student from the Department,
is jointly sponsored by Kew Gardens
and she had co-organised the exhibition.
It was fascinating to see a small sample
of the thousands of artefacts in storage:
a brick of tea and a cassava grater,
a 'lace' bonnet made with delicate bark,
an intricate bamboo pannier to carry a baby
and an exquisite fan of boxwood.

The most enjoyable aspect of the exhibition
was the knowledge that Caroline
had achieved a major milestone in her studies
and that the exhibition, which was enjoyed
by hundreds of people over the weekend,
would not have happened without her enthusiasm.


I took a number of photographs at Kew
but this one delights me
because it captures the changeable light.

Sometimes one photograph is enough.


  1. Blogger!! Darn it, for some reason my comments of late are discarded by Blogger and sent to Coventry! (autospell changed the c to a C, I think I will leave it)

    Anyway, I am determined, nonetheless, to tell you how beautiful that image is, like a painting, the lighting is breathtaking and I would be happy to hang it upon my wall.

  2. Five attempts! But I beat you in the end Blogger! Off to rest my index finger now.

  3. That's a really beautiful photograph!

  4. It is indeed a stunning photo, the flowers look like they are ready to take part in a theatrical production as the curtains open.

  5. Loving the sky in the background of what is a truly beautiful photograph. The exhibition sounds fascinating.

  6. I just enlarged the picture and can confirm that it is, indeed, stunning.

  7. That really is a brilliant photograph.

  8. taken with MrsM's HTC Desire phone as the normal camera battery was most unusually flat

  9. It is a beautiful photograph.

  10. ... and taken with a mobile !

  11. Gorgeous -that's a plant that makes the end of summer bearable.



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