Wednesday, 7 September 2011


A new Head of Department
has just moved into
the office next door

and it is only two weeks
before the start of term.

I am working long hours
and my brain feels numb
at the end of the day.

Too numb to write.

Service will be patchy.


Misericordia from l'Abbaye de la Trinité, Vendôme


  1. Poor Alice! Your friends will stick with you, regardless of patchy service.

  2. I am making more of an effort to bring MrsM a mug of tea in bed to give a good start to the day

  3. Your pictures speak volumes.

  4. Poor MrsM, good MrM! Chin up, you'll get into a new rhythm soon and it won't seem so bad.

    Marvellous pictures but I hope you are not feeling quite so down-trodden.imeneera

  5. New academic years come round all too soon, don't they? Sendig sympathetic thoughts you way.

  6. Dear MrM,
    thank you for your sweet attention to our dear friend (and provider of coffee cakes).

  7. The wait will be worth it. Beautiful pictures..........

  8. Lovely MrM.
    You are so thoughtful.
    Take good care of our dear MrsM.
    We'll wait, no rush ...

  9. Dear Mr M, I think Mrs M might need cake.

  10. You could always try digging a secret tunnel to make good your escape unnoticed if it all got too much... C.x

  11. You really don't need words when your pictures speak so eloquently for you! And they do, as good as a poetry for sharing how you are feeling! I, too, send you good thoughts and a bravo to your Mr. M!


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