Monday, 16 July 2012

The Fun Run

MasterM and his two uncles
adopt the Usain Bolt position
and then they are off!

Everyone else waits patiently.

It's time to do homework,

or take a photo of your cousin
eating an early lunch

or show your brother
how to climb a tree.

Before you can blink
they are back
running through the finish line

and then MasterM
can pose with his proud Grandma.


  1. You are quite the running family these days! MasterM is clearly a natural because he looks so CHEERFUL in all these photos. Very impressive. Nx

  2. Very much a fun post and lovely to see your family - especially those two little tree climbers.

  3. Look at the proud nonna.

  4. Thank you for not showing me in the state of complete collapse at the end of the race!! The antithesis of my confident Usain Bolt pose at the start!


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