Monday, 23 July 2012

I was here...

For the last three days I have been Tweeter-in-Residence for the @dovegreyreader tent at the Port Eliot festival. It has been great fun and a privilege to be part of the extraordinary team that makes the dovegreyreader blog leap out of the internet and land elegantly in a swathe of quilts and splash of Earl Grey tea ready to delight blog-fans and festival-goers alike.

I have festival tales to tell and photos to share tomorrow but tonight I must get ready for work. I seem to have mislaid my security pass. I am working in the middle of an Olympic Village. Arriving without a security pass is not a good idea.



  1. oops. have you looked in the fridge?

  2. Perhaps one of the rowers could smuggle you in in his boat?

    Lovdely to have you back!

  3. Or perhaps make that "lovely".

  4. I knew that you were going to the festival, did you enjoy it very much?

  5. MrsM is a prodigy for sure - her coffee cake is not half bad either. Competition on this front is emerging from MrsM's father. Perhaps I should take up the baking tin challenge myself


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