Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Avignon : Soundscape

the first autumn leaves crisp underfoot

glasses clinking against metal bistro tables

a luggage trolley rattling over cobbles

laughter somewhere out of sight

Disney tunes tinkling at night-time
on the gilt roundabout in the square

the muffled yap of a lapdog
at the next restaurant table

motorbikes, cars, lorries.
brakes, sirens, car radios
outside the city walls

and an accordion player
outside the Palais des Papes


  1. Trés français. Did you danse sur le pont?

  2. And an orange tree in a pot! Oh!

  3. Comme c'est merveilleux! Merci beaucoup.

  4. Oui, c'est très jolie!

  5. Such memories! Thank you, Alice. Bobby x

  6. i'm so impressed with how steadily you held your camera. and i love accordion music like that


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