Friday, 26 October 2012

(just for the record)

Four Years On

It is the start of term
and the corridors are busy again.
New faces, new smiles.

Abi is back from China
with memories of strange landscapes.
She asks me to thank you all
for your visits to her blog.

The very cultured Academic
tells me that he is having
a book of poetry published.
It is a life's work.

The Academic Next Door
twists and turns to show off
the clever drapes and folds
of her vivid purple designer dress.

The Academic who was 39
when I started work in the Department
sends photos from Santorini.
He claims he is doing fieldwork.

The Inspirational Academic
is now with us full time.
His energy fills the corridor
as he passes the door to my office.
I hear his words in my head
"Go brave...make mistakes"

The Lady Professor appears on TV.
Watch her on Prehistoric Autopsy
Be will be overcome
with a desire to be a palaeoarchaeologist.

The Academic who carried the engagement ring
in the bottom of his rucksack
will be a father in the New Year.

The adorable South African PhD student
who arrived on the same day as me
has graduated and married,
and is now teaching down the corridor.

The Examinations Officer
proposes students could write a blog
as part of their assessment.
I am flabbergasted.
Times have changed.

The wife of the Young Academic
sends cakes flavoured with rose water
and scattered with rose petals
to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary.
They were on honeymoon when I arrived.

The Enthusiastic Professor
stops outside my office
and tells me to go home.

And I am reminded yet again
how I grateful I am
for the friendship I have found
in this noisy, busy Department.


  1. so glad for these many variety of people providing blessings in your life! :)

  2. We spend a great deal of time at work through our lifetime - how wonderful to like and appreciate the people we work with - we have had a change of Head at my school this term - a breath of fresh air - for the first time in over six years I have looked forward to going to work each day and the eight week term has flown by (ready for a weeks break for half term from tonight though)

  3. "just for the record" NEVER disappoints.

  4. Not as grateful as I am for your JUST FOR THE RECORD!!!


    Much love to you dear Alice,

    E x

  5. How wonderful to feel as you do about your colleagues. I liked some of mine very much, but too many of the others brought their dissatisfactions and miseries to work with them, and spread them liberally..... And rose petals rarely featured either.

  6. Still miss the beginning of term. Many of the PhD students I knew - some of them from first years - are now professors and heads of depts but some have disappeared without trace and I wonder about them.

  7. How lovely that you enjoy not only our work but the company of your colleagues too. A rare gift.

  8. I meant, of course, Your work. Tsk.

  9. I love just for the record! and I loved all the prehistoric autopsies, especially the bit where Mr D was complaining about all the American specialists and demanding to know where one of our university lecturers was, and suddenly there he was.

  10. What a wonderful work you have, so many different kinds of people and all seem so . . . kind. I love thinking of one with the ring in the back pack now a father! Bravo!
    And the enthusiastic one who is looking out for you, that's just marvelous! And rose petals! I'm glad you enjoy your work, the world would be brighter if everyone did!

  11. Lovely, simply lovely.

  12. I have to say I agree with rachel, for there are so seldom candied rose petals in academe. I feel so encouraged to read about your wonderful, bustling, well-adjusted and diverse department when there seems to be quite a lot of misery in the halls of academe at present. Warm congratulations and sincere thanks for all you do, alice!

  13. This is lovely Alice!



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