Friday, 7 June 2013

the view from here

it's busy
but good busy

MissM is coming home
MrM is buying guide books
for an exciting week away
MrsM is pondering colours
for an adorable garden house
the exams are finishing soon
and the visiting cat
loves our garden

I'm grateful


  1. all good.
    and for us, too
    as it means more fun to see and read about here.

  2. Lovely. Look forward to reading about it x

  3. Yes the exams are over here and the sun is out. Do show us the garden house. And our visiting cat would like to see yours.

  4. I'm "coming back" as a cat.....

  5. Liz in Missouri (USA)June 07, 2013

    How nice for you to have all these good times coming. Enjoy! :-)

  6. Your pictures are always relaxing and so pretty to look at. Good times!

  7. What a pretty picture. Exciting words too.

  8. A garden house? Tell us more!

  9. Yeah for Miss M coming home.
    We are on the final stretch here. Both my son and daughter are set to graduate and then ... and then... we shall see.

  10. We had a daughter return last week, albeit temporarily - with a First Class Honours Degree in Physiotherapy in the bag - such a proud mummy moment. She's gone back over to Herts now and is looking for work to enable her to settle over there

  11. "our pictures are always relaxing and so pretty to look at. Good times!"

    Couldn't agree more..


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