Thursday, 30 May 2013

GeogSoc Brownies

MrsM wakes to the sun streaming through the gaps in her bedroom curtains. "Today is the day!" she thinks "Today is the day to make the famous GeogSoc Brownies."  She leaps out of bed and is in her kitchen in the twinkling of an eye. Dark chocolate! White chocolate! A tray of raspberries! Everything is present and correct and she is ready to start.

There is much melting of chocolate, beating of eggs and sifting of flour - it is all very satisfying.  Soon the kitchen is filled with delicious chocolatey smells and MrsM wonders why she does not bake before breakfast more often. The brownies take slightly longer to cook than the recipe states but they are out of the oven in plenty of time to take to work.

MrsM looks at the tray of chocolatey goodness and realises that if she gives them all to the Exams officers they will probably both have heart attacks before the exam period is finished. For their own wellbeing and to ensure that the exam process is unaffected she sends an email out to the Department announcing the opportunity to sample the famous GeogSoc brownies. After five minutes MrsM remembers that she has not taken a photograph of the brownies. Alas, it is too late - they are all gone - only a few crumbs remain


This recipe was given to me by Ally, a finalist who is a very talented baker. Can you see that she customised the recipe card? Isn't that lovely!

The GeogSoc brownies feature in this post and are particularly delicious because the raspberries cut the sweetness of the chocolate. Next time I make this recipe I will use a larger, shallower tin and I estimate that the cooking in my oven will be 40 mins at 160 fan. If you use a 20cm by 20cm tin as in the recipe you will need to cook for up to an hour. Use a cocktail stick and test a corner section because this is most likely to be baked  first and the stick should come out clean - this will give you an idea what the centre should look and feel like when you test with the stick.


  1. Oh, my..they look scrumptious. I did make brownies today, but they pale in comparison to yours.
    (p.s. did my email ever get to you?)

  2. I always wondered why ALL the brownie receipes call for a 20x20cm (8x8in) tins. They won't do!
    This recipe sounds scrumptious!

  3. I think I would have eaten them for breakfast...

  4. Does it say something about me that I always make my brownies in a 30 x 40 cm tin? I will try this recipe, thank you! And like driftwood I think they may have been my breakfast... after all they do contain fruit.

  5. When I used to bake, my brownie recipe called for a 11 x 13 inch pan, there were always lots of brownie in those days.

  6. Delicious. And with raspberries they are practically one of your five a day.


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