Wednesday, 15 May 2013

MrsM and the Picture Framer

MrsM takes her new prints to the Picture Framer
and lays them out for his approval.
The Picture Framer selects some frame samples
and they start the negotiations.

The Picture Framer likes frames with features.
MrsM prefers simple frames.
MrsM picks a distressed white wood
and the Picture Framer puffs his disapproval.
It is too deep, too wide.

The Picture Framer displays
a grey frame with a contrast black line.
MrsM purses her lips.

The Picture Framer concedes
and offers an off white frame.
MrsM accepts graciously
and allows him to choose the mount.

A week later MrsM collects the pictures
and the Picture Framer says gloomily
'It's very difficult to hang in a line,
I expect you will spend all day
trying to get them straight.'

MrsM tries to look modest
because hanging pictures in a line
is her secret super power.


These prints are by Tom Frost,
a talented young illustrator based in Bristol.
I bought them from St Jude's Prints


  1. I regret all the frames that I was persuaded by the framer were the thing to have when I was a lot younger and collected prints. One day I will get them all redone. But I will have to get you in to hang them in a straight line.

  2. that is a good secret super power to have. I am still developing mine, although I suspect it will have a lot to do with drinking tea.....

  3. What a grumpy framer! I wish I had secret super powers.

  4. Liz in Missouri (USA)May 15, 2013

    Sounds like the framer is an artist himself. I think they look great!

  5. I can do it too, does that make us special?

    Good for you, standing up to the framer.

  6. I think your Bento super power beats this one.

  7. i dunno, MrsM.
    Reading out of order (top down)
    i just saw your "dressed crab Bento box". Me thinks you have several super powers!


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