Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dear Universe,

London, 1593

Cartographer : John Norden
Engraver : Pieter van den Keere


Today went a bit off plan.
I had to retire to bed.
Which was annoying.
Tomorrow had better be better.
Or I will be cross.
Just sayin'.


  1. I hope you feel better and have a better day tomorrow, Alice!

  2. Things are a bit odd over here too.
    I'll check our horoscope.

  3. Hope you're feeling better today. There seem to be a lot of people needing to go back to bed at the moment. i had dream last night that we had snow forecast, so perhaps we're all hibernating.

  4. Great sympathy sent. I too retired to bed yesterday. Unheard of. GWS.

  5. Wish you better soon. x

  6. Liz in Missouri (USA)May 21, 2013

    Be well -

  7. One-oh-fourMay 21, 2013

    Oh gosh! I hope it wasn't related to drinking too much Sea Breeze....

  8. Damn that fresh air - sea breezes can be debilitating if you're not sufficiently aclimatised to them.
    Hope you're feeling better soon. xx

  9. Oops, I am quite late. Hope you hav efully recovered.


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