Monday, 20 May 2013

Sea Breeze ✔

Sunday Lunch

MrsM admires her freshly scrubbed table
and the artistic placement of the thyme plant.
MrM complains that he can't see anything
because of the 'bush' in the middle of the table.

MrsM moves the thyme plant aside
with only a small sigh of artistic despair
because she is feeling delightfully relaxed
after drinking her sea breeze cocktail.

Check out this Summer Greens soup
(spinach, peas and edame beans)
with artisan bread from Hambleton Bakery.

Healthy - no?

An afternoon of gardening is ahead
but first MrsM will make the most of the sunshine
and have a long blink.

Life could be worse.


I have been reading Megan
at 'the scent of water' for several years.
She takes wonderful, inspiring photos
and writes with great honesty
but then she stopped, or so I thought.
It turns out that my Google Reader
was not picking up the feed for some reason
but Megan had not stopped writing,
in fact she has started writing every day.
Only a few bloggers choose to write every day
and I know what a challenge it is -
so I am glad that I discovered her again,
and can be witness to her journey.


  1. I think Mr M ought to meet my husband I think they might have a lot in common! Soup looks good.

  2. you had sunshine. not fair. we spent the weekend in a blur of rain or mist.....

  3. I do like 'have a long blink'. I'm stealing that one for myself.

    Beautiful blue crockery as usual.

  4. Liz in Missouri (USA)May 20, 2013

    I thought there was a law that said Thyme plants had to reside where they looked the best and most artistic. LOL.
    Thanks for the link to Megan's blog. I think I have become and instant fan.

  5. MrM complaining ... really!

  6. What a delightful lunch, notwithstanding the Thyme problem...


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